Our Partners

AppraiserCore values its partners, without whom we would not be able to offer our members such incredible benefits. Here is more information about what their partnership means to AppraiserCore.

Leon Castner – National Appraisal Consultants

Leon Castner provides his knowledge and experiences in the appraisal industry to AppraiserCore members through the USPAP training discount. Leon chose to partner with AppraiserCore because of the long-term commitment AppraiserCore made to the appraisal profession. With Leon’s expertise and diligence in the appraisal industry, AppraiserCore is empowered to strive for innovation and improvement within the appraisal community. Our partnership with Leon is based on an understanding that personal value and professionalism is a crucial investment for the success of the appraisal profession.

Brian Kathenes – National Appraisal Consultants

Brian Kathenes works alongside Leon to bring incredible value to the AppraiserCore network. His years of expertise in the appraiser industry are irreplaceable, and he has greatly impacted the progression of CollectorPro products through his own use and through the recommendations of the software to fellow appraisers and clients. Brian’s support of AppraiserCore and Collectorpro has aided our strategic approach to helping professional appraisers grow their appraisal practices.

Debra Baker – National Association of Certified Appraisers

AppraiserCore partnered with Debra Baker to bring our members discounts on an advanced training program for equipment and machinery appraisals. Debra is one of the few members of the appraisal industry who is certified in equipment appraisals. She knows everything there is to know about this emerging part of our industry, and AppraiserCore is fortunate to offer a discount on her business asset valuation training to our members.