• Supplementing your business with Machinery & Equipment Appraisals is a great way to increase your potential for customers. There are only approximately 3,000 equipment appraisers who are certified and know how to value equipment and are certified Machinery & Equipment Appraisers in the U.S., so you’ll not only be contributing to your range of skills, but you’ll be putting your business ahead of the competition with this equipment appraisal training program.
  • The discount is for appraiser members only and includes the following:
    • Introduction to Equipment Appraisal for FREE
    • Equipment Appraisal 101, including 5-hour interactive webinar on USPAP 7 & 8 overview, bidding an assignment, data collection, marketing, securing assignments, and much more.
    • Equipment Appraisal 201, including an 8-hour webinar with a brief overview of Equipment 101, USPAP 8, integrating Collectorpro into a report, marketing, and much more.
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